Trailer of yard waste containers for delivery

Residential Rollout of New Yard Waste Containers

The Raleigh Solid Waste Services Department is contracting with a vendor, Schafer Container Systems to deliver bright green yard waste carts to over 112,000 Raleigh households.

The project and service improvements were approved by the Raleigh City Council in June 2021. Delivery of the new 95-gallon carts will begin the week of May 2, 2022, and conclude before the new yard waste pick-up schedule begins on Tuesday, July 5, 2022. Multifamily complexes and households that chose to opt-out will not receive a new cart. 

Residents can begin using the new carts when they are received. Requests can be made online to return unwanted carts that have already been delivered.

Pickup trucks with trailers will deliver to communities during the cart distribution. Residents are asked to be mindful as delivery vehicles will make several stops to deliver new carts. Anyone with questions about container delivery or the new yard waste pick-up schedule should contact or call 919-996-3245.