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New Bike Lanes Restripe Existing Bike Lanes Neighborhood Bikeway Implementation Schedule

The City of Raleigh and the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) resurface City streets that have pavement in poor condition on an annual basis. In addition to improving the condition of the pavement, resurfacing projects improve sidewalk ramps, crosswalks, and curbs. They also provide the City of Raleigh the opportunity to update street configurations to match the Comprehensive Plan  and the BikeRaleigh Plan.

New Bike Lanes

Street From To
Atlantic Avenue Old Louisburg Road Whitaker Mill
Brentwood Rood Noblin Road Capital Boulevard
Green Road New Hope Church Road Spring Forest Road
Old Wake Forest Road Triangle Town Boulevard Fox Road
Peace Street St. Mary's Street Glenwood Avenue
Rush Street Hammond Road Garner Road

Resurfacing Overview

Restripe Existing Bike Lanes

Street From To
Peace Street    St. Mary's Street  Smallwood Drive 
Brookside Drive Watauga Street Glascock Street

Neighborhood Bikeway Implementation

Street From To
Brighthaven Drive Catara Drive Falls River Avenue
Castle Pines Drive Grand Traverse Drive Haig Point Way
Cub Trail Hiking Trail Dahlgreen Road
Falls River Avenue Dunn Road Bedfordtown Drive
Hiking Trail Scouting Trail Tenderfoot Trail
Hosteler Street Anderson Drive Walden Place
Pineview Drive Kaplan Drive Liles Road
Rainwater Road Spring Forest Road North Ridge
Rothgeb Drive White Oak Road Walden Place
Scounting Trail Litchford Road Hiking Trail



Month Action
April Resurfacing starts
October Resurfacing ends



Paul Black
Bicycle & Pedestrian Program Manager

Lead Department:
Service Categories:
Transportation PlanningBikeRaleigh



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