Street striping

Annual Street Resurfacing

City-maintained streets that have curbs and gutters are eligible for the Annual Street Resurfacing program. The City maintains an inventory of streets that includes the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) of the street. 

For more information on the Annual Street Resurfacing program, contact Lara MacAulay, Transportation Project Manager at 919-996-6446.

For questions regarding bicycle markings contact Paul Black, Bicycle & Pedestrian Program Manager at 919-996-2476.

2021 Resurfacing Program

The city’s street resurfacing program is proceeding as normal. The 2021 annual street resurfacing program is responsible for the resurfacing of 15.6 miles of 46 street sections.  Work includes the milling of existing pavement, adjustment of manholes and water valve boxes, installation of sidewalk access ramps, placement of new asphalt, and new pavement markings.

Streets directly affected will have NO PARKING signs posted in advance of work beginning.  Even with the recent changes regarding COVID restrictions, we realize that many people are still working from home..  Because you or your neighbors may not be able to park on the street in front of your home, there may be the need to temporarily park on a side street in front of your home for a few days.

The streets listed below began resurfacing in the spring of 2021 and all streets are expected to be completed this fall.

Street From To Status 
Antel Ct Hiking Tr Cul-de-sac Complete
Baileycroft Dr Cul-de-sac Strickland Rd Complete 
Bentwood Pl Rainwood Ln Cul-de-sac Complete
Cub Tr Hiking Tr Dahlgreen Rd Complete
Gaspari Ct Baileycroft Dr Cul-de-sac Complete
Harbison Wy Old Well Ln Cul-de-sac Complete
Hiking Tr Cul-de-sac Tenderfoot Tr Complete
Kitzel Wy Baileycroft Dr Cul-de-sac Complete
Old Deer Tr Summerspings Ln End C&G #8513 Complete
Old Well Ln Baileycroft Dr Old Deer Tr Complete
Rainwater Rd Spring Forest Rd North Ridge Dr Complete
Rainwood Ln Falls of Neuse Rd Kestrel Dr Complete
Sapwood Ct Rainwood Ln Cul-de-sac Complete
Scouting Tr Litchford Rd Hiking Tr Complete
Tenderfoot Tr Cul-de-sac Durant Rd Complete
Brentwood Rd I-440 Ramps Capital Blvd Complete
Brighthaven Dr Catara Dr Falls River Ave Complete
Charleston Park Dr  Buffaloe Rd Peyton Hall Wy Complete
Collinsworth Ct Hollowgate Rd Cul-de-sac Complete
Falls River Ave Falls River/Dunn S. RDT  Falls River/Bedfordtown RBT  Complete
Grand Journey Ave Falls River Ave Canoe Brook Wy Complete
Green Rd New Hope Church Rd Spring Forest Rd Complete
Hollowgate Rd Neland St Peppermill Dr Complete
Livia Cr Sedgefield Pines Ln Cul-de-sac Complete
Old Wake Forest Rd Triangle Town Blvd Fox Rd Complete
Swinford Ct Sedgefield Pines Ln Cul-de-sac Complete
Vendue Range Dr Charleston Park Dr End Pvmt #4522 Complete
Atlantic Ave Old Louisburg Rd Six Forks Rd Complete
Brookside Dr Watauga St Glascock St Complete
Castle Pines Dr Grand Traverse Dr Haig Point Wy Complete
Haig Point Wy Grand Traverse Dr Castel Pines Dr Complete
Joe Louis Ave Bart St Raleigh Blvd Complete
Linville Ridge Dr Haig Point Wy Eagle Trace Dr Complete
Rush St Hammond Rd Garner Rd Complete
Watauga St N. Boundary St E. Franklin St Complete
Evergreen Ave End Pvmt #1601 Lake Wheeler Rd Complete
W Peace St N West St Smallwood Dr Complete
Pineview Dr Kaplan Dr Liles Rd Complete
Ravel St Kaplan Dr Swallow Dr Complete
Wickham Rd Ashburton Rd Pineview Dt Complete
Browning Pl Six Forks Rd Computer Dr Complete
Haworth Dr Barrett Dr Browning Pl Complete
Hostetler Dr Anderson Dr Walden Pl Complete
Lake Dr St. Mary's St White Oak Rd Complete
Rothgeb Dr White Oak Rd Walden Pl Complete
Matson Place Hollowgate Cul-de-sac Complete




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