Mural on the wall of an overpass for the floodplain project on Crabtree Creek

Floodplain Installation: Alluvial Decoder Opening Event

A site-specific education installation about the floodplain at Crabtree Creek

Join us on December 11, 1-3 p.m. for the soft opening of the Alluvial Decoder site-specific installation about the floodplain. Attendees will have a chance to spread wildflower seeds as part of creating a native stormwater meadow. Artists William Belcher, Lincoln Hancock, and William Dodge will also be on-site to answer questions and talk about the piece.

Alluvial Decoder is located on the Greenway near the intersection of Crabtree Valley Ave. and Blue Ridge Rd. Please feel free to bike or walk to (and through!) the installation. Parking is limited.

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Jenn Hales
Public Art Coordinator