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Learn about the City of Raleigh's Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 budget. Here you can find information on our compensation and HR policies, download the Operating and CIP budget, review council meetings associated with the budget and review highlights on the FY22 Budget.

Budget and CIP Highlights

  • Includes 1.0 cent property tax increase to support parks capital maintenance. Raleigh Parks will renovate Laurel Hills Park ($3 m). Improves conditions at the Pope House ($1 m). Other projects include life safety improvements, roof systems and facility improvements. 
  • Elevates the Office of Equity and Inclusion to Department of Equity and Inclusion, affirming Council’s focus on equity and inclusion in our community.   
  • Provides funding for a citywide Minority, Woman and Business Enterprise Disparity Study. This will assist the organization in effectively communicating contracting disparities.
  • Creates an Office of Community Engagement that will elevate community engagement efforts to create spaces for your voice to be heard.  
  • Creates an Office of Strategy and Innovation to boldly reshape strategy, support ongoing continuous improvement for greater service delivery and lead citywide strategy and transformative projects.  
  • Allocates $6.3 million to support affordable housing development. 
  • Funds critical capital asset maintenance. Examples include:
    • $8 m for street resurfacing,
    • $4 m for pedestrian and bicycle improvements, and
    • $2 m for facility improvements.  
  • Creates a Parks and Greenway Patrol Unit made up of six dedicated officers and one sergeant. This unit will enhance public safety and promote the use of these natural resources.  
  • Provides funding for a Five Points – Glenwood Avenue Corridor Study. This study will assess potential intersection improvements in the vicinity of Five Points

Want to see an individual department's budget, staffing levels, and programs for FY22? View our program catalog.

Past Budgets & Documents

You can view several years' worth of past annual budget, capital improvement program plans and annual reports in our budget documents archive




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