Paint cans ranging in color from blue, white, green, purple and yellow

Don't Dump Paint

Help prevent water pollution

Don't put paint down the storm drain when you're done painting. Chemicals pollute streams and creeks when the paint goes down the storm drain. 

Cleaning Up

Use a bucket to wash off latex paint with soap and water. Clean brushes and cans next to the hose spigot outside. Do not dump paint right into the:

  • Sink;
  • Grass;
  • Street;
  • Driveway; 
  • Storm drain; or,
  • Streams, lakes, and rivers. 

See a spill? Email us or call 919-996-3940.

Disposal Tips

Professional painters - Take equipment back to your facility if you don't have a space to clean up on the job. 

Extra paint

If you have leftover paint after a project: 

  • Add kitty litter or sand to the can; 
  • Let the paint dry until it is completely solid; and, 
  • Throw it away in the trash. 



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